TSMP - Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAP)

Brand Protection and Minimum Advertised Price Policy for Retailers


Total Sports Media Partners Inc. ("TSMP") has unilaterally established a Brand Protection and

Minimum Advertised Price Policy for its TSMP branded DVD products. Carefully read and understand this Policy as it affects the pricing of TSMP products.


TSMP's Brand Protection Price Policy


A.  TSMP  has  determined  that  customer  satisfaction,  and  therefore  strong   brand reputation and loyalty, can best be achieved and maintained by selling the TSMP DVDs through pro shops and other established retailers that offer the training and support necessary  to  help  customers  improve  their  game.  TSMP  invests  large   sums  in marketing to bring customers into such retailers in order to obtain the  experiences necessary to enhance customer satisfaction.


B.  TSMP has determined that it can best protect its brand by implementing a policy of requiring minimum retail prices in order to help assure retail profit margins sufficient to provide adequate service and training to customers, and protect against predatory discounting by non-service retailers seeking to benefit from the marketing and services provided by others.


TSMP's Minimum Advertised Price Policy


1.  All sales covered: Without exception, this Policy applies to all sales of TSMP DVDs and

other related products.


2.  Floor  Prices:  Current  minimum  retail  prices  ("Floor  Prices")  are  set  forth  on  the attached Exhibit A. From time-to-time TSMP may change the Floor Prices at its  sole discretion. Upward changes in Floor Prices will affect new orders, while  downward changes in Floor Prices may be applied to existing inventory as well as  new orders. Resellers may establish their own Advertised prices, at or above the Floor Prices.


3.  Consequences of selling below Floor Prices:

Distributors are expected to enforce this Policy to retailers to whom they sell.


TSMP will, without assuming any liability, revoke all sales to any distributor for a

minimum of 90 days immediately following TSMP's verification to its satisfaction that:

  • A retailer to whom such distributor has knowingly sold TSMP DVDs and other related products has advertised, offered, or sold any TSMP DVDs or other related products at a net retail price less than TSMP's established and announced retail Floor Price, and
  • That such distributor has not acted to enforce this Policy by canceling all orders and indefinitely refusing to accept any new TSMP orders from such retailer


4. No agreement: This Policy is non-negotiable and will not be altered for any reseller. In addition, TSMP neither solicits, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with this Policy. Nothing in this Policy shall constitute an agreement between TSMP and  any reseller, without exception, that the reseller will comply with this Policy.


5.  No exceptions; No authority to modify: TSMP sales personnel have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to this Policy. All questions regarding the interpretation of this Policy must be directed to Total Sports Media Partners, Inc. 10836 Lake Minneola Shores, Clermont, FL 34711  or by phone at (813) 474-1476  or through  email  by contacting us at www.bowlingtrainingvideos.com.







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